Play on PC but no sound

I want to play music on my PC using the audio system on the computer. but no sound at all. The os is Win 11. The Roon Server is on a NUC.

This is the audio setting by Roon…

I wonder if the music is input to my computer?

The issue is that there are no audio devices being detected for the PC (there is no “This PC” section). That ALSA connection is on your NUC. You should be seeing a “This PC” section, for example something like this:

Did you take your screenshot on the Windows 11 PC? Just check that the Windows Firewall has the necessary exceptions for Roon…

You are looking at the audio outputs on your Roon Core (NUC), as indicated by the text:
Connected to Roon Server - These divices are connected to your Roon Server directly

On your Windows 11 CLient, you should see something like this:

There you select one of the Audio Outputs on This PC

thank you for your quick response.

I think the firewall is open for roon.

roonappliance.exe should only have the “Private” box checked. Try unchecking the “Public” box. And you could also try deleting one of the roon.exe entries, or alternatively make one “Private” and the other “Public”.

Further more, after close the Windows defender, the sounds works.

Could you please advise how to set the firewall on Win 11?

Yes, it looks as though the Firewall exception rules have got messed up.

Try my earlier suggestions, but if they don’t work, then close Roon on the Windows PC, delete all the Roon-related Firewall rules and reinstall Roon. The reinstallation should set up fresh Firewall exception rules for you.

Thank you!