Play/Pause not working with Bluetooth headphones on iPhone

If I press the play/pause button on my Bluetooth headphones the music stops as expected but it does not resume when pressing the button again.
This also happens when using Siri: The music pauses but it does not resume.
To resume playing I need to use the Roon app.

I’ve tried this with 3 different headphones and the issue occurs with all of them.
I don’t have this issue with other music apps such as Tidal or Apple Music.

Any ideas?

iPhone 13, OS 15.2.1

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I’m also experiencing this problem, and it’s really annoying. Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately not.
Roon’s iPhone implementation isn’t great.
I have other annoyances too that don’t occur on my Android device.
Buy even with wired headphones, Roon downsamples the audio on Android despite it being a 32/384 + DSD device. :neutral_face:
I gave up on Roon for mobile and switched to using Plex as a DLNA server.

I experience this too with my new Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones. What’s weird with the Sennheisers is if I take off my headphones it auto-pauses, and I put them back on and it auto-resumes with Roon fine. But if I tap on the ear cup to pause - it pauses fine, but tapping again to resume does not. That’s why I thought it was a Sennheiser software issue, but maybe not. It only happens with the Roon app (all others behave as expected from my experience).