Play Picks by Artist?

Is it possible to play all “Pick” tracks by a particular artist. I can do that for an album but I can’t figure out how to do that at the Artist level. Is that possible?

Focus > Select the artist and select Picks?

Well that sort of works. There is no focus for artist, only for performer. And with certain performers, that picks up stuff you may not want. In the particular instance that generated my question, I was looking for all the Paul McCartney solo picks. Going to the Tracks section and then Focus and selecting Paul as the performer and Picks gives you the solo picks and also a bunch of Beatles tracks, other McCartney collaborations and, strangely, nothing by Wings. I seem to remember that in earlier versions you could go to the artist page and select play picks. That went away when the checkmark button was introduced, I think.

You can use the “picks” focus in the My tracks section, then either try “performers” in focus, or use the column “filter” for artist. You may have to turn on the artist column using the gear at the top right of the column headings. May need to scroll to see it.