Play Picks Does Not Span Multiple Discs

The Play Picks feature has the potential to allow a user to quickly play the best tracks from large titles and in particular box sets. However, the way it is currently implemented is that the Play Picks feature only queues the top tracks from the currently selected disc in a multi disc set. In many cases I’m only able to add 2-4 tracks in 10 disc box sets. Please allow Play Picks to span multi-disc titles and add these to the play queue. Thanks!

You can currently select each disc, play picks, add to queue. You would like a play picks (all discs) option ?

Yes absolutely. I dont understand the use case for selecting picks from single discs in a larger set. If i have an anthology, or box set, or wagner ring cyle on 16 CDs this would be a horrendous way to sample larger titles IMO

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This is a general issue for playing a single classical work that spans multiple discs (think opera or Mahler symphony). There are times when a work starts on the last few tracks of one disc, and continues on the next. In that case, you have to add the work twice to the queue (once on each disc). For single work multi-disc sets, “play album” is sufficient, but multi-work albums have the stated problem. It would be nice if playing a single work added the whole work to the queue, regardless of how many discs are spanned by the single work.