Play Picks not working as expected (not playing picks but playing banned tracks)

Steps to reproduce:

Click on Play Picks at

Click Play Now

Roon plays four tracks that are not Picks and two of which I have banned.

I looked at that album in Tidal and the tracks you show in the queue are the 4 Picks, which Roon indicates with check marks.

I’m assuming that when you select Play Picks, it will do that and ignore whether the track is Banned or not.

If you don’t want the Pick tracks to play when you select Play Picks, you can edit the track and set Pick to No.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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That is how it functions now. I am not sure it should though. Banning should trump Picks in selection hierarchy, imho.

Thanks for chiming in Greg.
I was under the impression that “Picks” are the tracks recommended by Tidal, (indicated by the Tidal logo and a number right before the Favourite or Banned indicator). Now I realise that is the number of Tidal users (or perhaps Roon users?) who have favourited the track. I wonder which it actually is?

I hadn’t even noticed the checkmarks.

It all goes to reinforce my feeling that Roon is getting too complex for its own, or its users’, good. “Over-engineered” was the adjective another Roon user (actually former user) used to describe the Play options, but that’s for another topic.

Thanks for clearing this up for me, and any more info regarding Picks and Tidal whatevers welcome.

Agreed. If a user goes to the trouble to Ban a track, I’m sure they don’t want it coming back to haunt them. It should be the overriding choice in all possible scenarios (of which there are perhaps too many - see my post above).

There’s not much more to add about Picks (check mark), other than it’s added by Roon’s metadata supplier. As I mentioned earlier, a Track can be Edited by the user, either Yes or No to Pick.

The numbers to the left of the Heart icon are other Performances of that track. The one icon with a circular top (a CD) is other performances of the track contained in your library. The other one with the dotted T (Tidal logo) indicated other performances available on Tidal and not in your library.

I agree that the software can be overwhelming sometimes. I’ve been a user since close to the beginning, so my knowledge has grown with the software.

My suggestion is to just explore, tap those number icons and see where they lead you. If you have any questions, don’t hestitate to ask on the forum. There’s lots of people happy to help out.

Here’s a link to the Roon User Guide. It can help answer some of your questions.

Cheers, Greg

The pick checks have been in Roon since launch.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the report. We have an internal ticket in for this.

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wow you opened up an interesting topic, without Roon updating anything, which could take years, you can possibly accomplish this your self using FOCUS, over on the right under the Oter column is a check box to display Picks, which will filter your albums to items with recommended PICKs, and if you select an Album you can Play Picks.

But this is where it go weird for me, my understanding is the Picks are basically curation from the Allmusic folks, but what I found is they can Pick and Album as recommended or Pick some Tracks as recommended. These Picks then show up in Roon. But again this is where it’s weird, I’m guessing they are inconsistent with their Pick Tagging. Here are 2 album examples The Better Life & Duende: The Better Life has an Album Pick tag and 4 songs have Pick Tags, where as Duende has an Album Pick tag but no song picks:

Over in Roon, it appears that both albums show up with a pick Check Mark, but you don’t get a Play Picks button on the Duende album, which is OK because from the Allmusic perspective the whole album is a Pick, but if you didn’t know that you would wonder where are the Pick tracks and where is the Play Picks button.

But here’s where it really gets interesting, go check out this web page, where it shows the Allmusic Album Tags:

if you do a search on The Better Life you get more details:

which shows that from this web pages’ perspective they also include other Critics, thus Allmusic is only 1 of the 3 Critic

But if you search on Duende, it’s not found, thus it appears they do not care for Album only Picks and Roon also does not seem to indicate that. Also if you click on the AOTY label it takes you to the main page and all albums listed are for all Critics, not just Allmusic, which is really quite interesting data:

So from my playing around you can view and play Picks in Roon 2 ways, 1 by Album and 1 by Tracks, what I did was from the ALBUMS menu selection, choose Focus and scroll to the right and check on Picks, then each time you select an album, you will get the Play Picks button, of which you can keep adding them to the Queue and build a nice play list.

To play Tracks, you can do the same, select TRACKS menu and then use Focus to select all the Track Picks, note the Tracks do not show a Pick Check Mark like the Albums, and here you can select and hightlight all the tracks you want and then hit Play, or Cntl-A to play everythng.