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Hi dear Roon Community Fellows,

Can you please help me out with the settings, so it works like before?
I want to choose a playlist and punch play!
So when I do this, I want the first song in the playlist start to play, the hole playlist to be on the Queued list and playing random if I choose it!

Now it’s not the first song in the playlist that’s playing!
Sometimes it’s playing everything from one artist, or the hole album of one artist!

Before it starte playing the first song in the playlist!
If If had chosen random playing it did it!
But not anymore!

So if someone wants to help me out with the different settings,
on this so it’s acts like before!
I would be happy.


Do you have shuffle set on the play screen?

Yes, shall I don’t have it?
Is that all, or.


Can I get some help please?

I’m sure that I am not the only one who needs help with this!!!

So if you know how it works, please explain for me and all other’s!!!



It sounds like you have Shuffle Mode enabled on the queue. You can turn that off here:

But Mike If I want to play the playlists in shuffle mode?

Activate The Shuffle Play Action button in your first screenshot above. When you use it, it will add your playlist to the queue shuffled.

Cheers, Greg

Yup, what @Greg said is right. If you want Shuffle to be an option when playing playlists, you can enable it on the screen you posted:

Also, if you drag “Shuffle” to the top of that little list (meaning you drag it above Play Now), shuffle will become the new “one click” default, like this:


But @mike
Before so when I started a Playlist!
So started the first song in the playlists,
no matter if the shuffle was on or off!!!
I have tried every single way to get it to work as before, but it’s not working!!!
So I have to try to live with it.

So, just so I understand correctly, you want to play a playlist where it starts with the first track in the playlist and then all the rest of the tracks are random (shuffled)?

If so, go back to the queue and reactive shuffle.


Now tap or right click the first track in the playlist and select Play From Here. If Play From Here is not available, activate it in Settings > Play Actions > Tracks in Playlists.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

I can confirm that it used to work this way, but it wasn’t by design and we got a number of complaints.

The current behavior is that if you want the playlist to play in order, you just play it (“Play Now”). If you want the playlist shuffled, you can click “Shuffle” when you play it, or you can enable Shuffle Mode on the queue.

But there’s no longer a way to play the first song of the playlist and then shuffle the rest.

You can start playback and then enable Shuffle Mode (as shown in the screenshot above). That will shuffle the rest of the tracks once the first track is already playing, but it won’t quite work the way it previously did.

Sorry! Hope that’s clears things up.

Hi @Greg and @mike
Thanks for your help, it’s working great with woes settings!
Okay like you wrote Mike not exactly as before, but this can I live with.


My car has a shuffle mode, and you do that by clicking on a track, with shuffle enabled.
But I started noticing that I kept hearing the same music a lot, out of a huge library.
Turns out they didn’t randomize properly, it was the same pseudo-random sequence every time.
So now I have to remember to start on a different track every time.

Roon is smarter.

Hi @AndersVinberg
I hope that everything is well with you and your family!
That have happened to me to.
The new update version of Roon, is certainly great for many people!
But I have hard for changes (I have adhd and bipolar disorder) so when things are different than before, well it is uncomfortable for me!
So it’s only to accept that it’s not exactly as before, the main thing is that Roon works and playing my playlists :blush:.
Also that Roon keeps on to make it better and better all the time!
So I will survive and soon I don’t think about that it doesn’t work as before :+1:.

Take care my friend