Play queue favourites etc

In the play queue, each track has a heart logo…

In any other music app I’ve used, I would expect to be able to click on this, and that I would then have added this track to some sort of a favourites list that I could find in future. Clicking the heart in the play queue does nothing at all as far as I can see.
Likewise, the three line ‘burger’ icon on the R end of the line is just another piece of dead screen real estate that does nothing at all. I would expect a drop down list or something.
Am I missing something?

Have you added the album to your library? Once you do, you should be able to ‘heart’ the tracks in the queue. The ‘hamburger’ menu is used for click/drag to change the order of tracks in the queue.

Hope this helps

So the heart should not appear until ‘after’ you add the album to your library?

The empty heart will be there but you won’t be able to select it to make it solid until it’s been added to the library.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 11.46.12 AM

Hi Harry, the tracks I was trying this on appeared in Roon because I had previously ‘favourited’ the album in the Qobuz app. So it seems I would need to add them to my Roon library again, even though they are already in it. On further investigation, I can favourite tracks from local storage.
Then again…I can’t favourite one of the tracks I just played - but - I played it a few days ago, and on that line in the old play queue, I can favourite it. Same track, played from Qobuz both times. A bit of consistency might help!

…I’ve just added a couple of Qobuz albums to the play queue - never heard of them, definitely never owned them, added them to a library, or played them before, on Roon or elsewhere, ever. I can favourite tracks on one of them, but not the other. Seems to be pretty random.

When you click on the heart icon that track is added to your favourites list. You need to come out of the queue to view this. Go to Library > Tracks and click on the heart (top-left) and all your favourite tracks are displayed.

This is a handle for dragging the selected track. Use it to reorder your queue.

But then, I presume the heart should be solid, so i can see favourites from the play queue. That doesn’t happen.

You can click on the heart within the queue to toggle favourite on/ off and ban, but only for tracks in your library. If the track isn’t in your library there is no action (last two entries below.)

As per my previous posts, whether or not I can favourite a track seems to be entirely unrelated to whether or not it’s in my library. I am able to fav. some tracks that are not in my library, and I am unable to fav. other tracks that are in my library. Even when the same track appears twice in the queue, one can be added, the other can’t.

A few screenshots would help.

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Hi Ged, I’m not sure what else a screenshot would tell you. The heart either turns solid blue when you tap it, or it doesn’t.

Give us an example … show us a screenshot of the album and then the queue.