Play Roon on my Anthem 1120

Hello friends,
How can I play my Roon on my Anthem 1120?
It is connected via Ethernet and wifi to my home network…
I also have Nvidia Shield streaming and Apple TV connected to my home network … is there any way to use my Roon to play my Anthem?
The Anthem has its build DTS WIFI build in to play my media as well as Tidal and all sort of Media,NO ROON on this list…Can I do some clever bypass so I still can play my Huge content I have on my Roon core which is placed on an IMac … Any help will appreciate on this issue.

You would have to either plug your iMac directly into the Anthem or plug a network streamer into it.
Has no roon support at all.

Thank you for reply, may I ask what should I plug directly from IMac to my Anthem? I have tried to enable the Apple TV on my Roon setting>audio and I saw that it showed playing but I couldn’t hear it .
Than I tried to enable my Nvidia as well. Now my Nvidia can play it on my anthem,but I am sure that my Apple TV would be more accurate in sound… I also been asked for my “airplay device password” what ever that means I don’t know… I am sure I am closer now than before,but I need to know how to enable my Apple TV and manage to play it on my Anthem…

I have an Anthem MRX-1120 as well, and it is a shame you can’t use it directly.

If your iMac is next to/near the Anthem, then a good reasonably priced USB DAC like the Dragonfly would be a quick and easy option.

If you’ve got the network in-between then building a Raspberry pi with a DAC is a good easy to use solution without compromising the quality. I’m currently using a Raspberry PI with the Dragonfly DAC to take music to another device.

Another option is to look on the internet for something like a second hand BluOS device that will work with Roon. I picked up a NODE for very little more than the cost of the Raspberry PI and Dragonfly combined and it’s totally plug and play. This is what I’m currently using with my Anthem.

Thank you Vollans
As for now what I did is use both Apple TV and Nvidia Shield in which I have both on my Home Network and are both connected to the Anthem via HDMI cable…Now they both work and reasonably quality as well.
I used the tested Apple TV in the Settings>Audio on my Roon via Air play… my question is if I can get better quality in another option of connecting both streamers,and which one of the 2 consider to be better in sound quality…

The Dragonfly is limited 96KHz, the BlueOS stuff is 192KHz, so in theory the latter is higher quality. Both do MQA if that matters to you.