Play same music in different zones

I get that one zone can only have similar devices, but that’s not my home. I’ve got good ones (HiFiBerry) in living areas and the others (AirPlay) elsewhere. But sometimes, I’m in the living room and the kitchen or want to hear it sitting, uh, never mind. I have some weirdo way to cobble it up, but there has to be some simple way to say, “Pick up the songs in this queue into another zone.”

It’s called transfer zone. See this for more details.

I don’t want it to move from one zone to another. I want it to simultaneously play in both.

Roon can already do this … it’s called zone grouping, see the Roon Knowledge Base Zone link above for more details.

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But not between different types of group like RAAT and Airplay, which I think is Jons question? I’m not sure what ‘weirdo’ procedure he uses now? Would be interested to know.

It’s not that interesting. I listen to the forward zone and when it changes tracks, hit play in the lagging one. “Gross” is a better adjective than “weirdo.”