Play sorted tracks of box set (Classical music)

I have a box set with the album title “Schubert: Piano Music for Four Hands”. All tracks on this set have the same Album title (also the same performers and obviously the same composer). When I search for this title in Roon it is duly found and I am presented with a list of 30 so-called “albums” (in actual fact only 6 CDs make up this box set), presumably the 30 different compositions on the CDs. Under Tracks See All I can see all the tracks. but not in the order in which they appear on the CDs. In fact not even according to composition. The list appears to be a random one and I cannot see how I can sort it properly. If I select them all and add them to the Queue the queue does not let me sort them either. What am I missing or doing wrong?

PS. When I try to combine all albums into one the edit screen is totally incomprehensible in that the tracks are not listed in the disc and track order. Disc 1 track 3 is followed by Disc 1 track 6; Disc 1 is followed by Disc 3, etc.

Can you do some screen shots? Of Roon and also of the metadata in an editors (such as Metadatics)?

My guess is unpicking your situation would be a lot easier with at least correct file tags for track/disc/artist/album. With those in place you could merge the “albums” and Roon would put them together correctly. The alternative, moving tracks around by hand, is not fun…