Play the music I like button

There ar so many button pushes to get to music I like - focus, click - etc.

What I need is a one button choice that plays the music I want to hear.

Surely this is achievable without having to press 3 buttons or more?


Totally agree. I made a similar request the other day to play music I like from each artist. Perhaps have a feature like Play Picks but for favorites.

Oh dear,

my post was meant to be tongue in cheek :grin:



I want Roon to automatically start the song I want without me having to touch it at all. Is that really too much to ask?


Important is to play the music I like NOW :grin:
Doesn’t always fit the marked favorites

Maybe a whole feature-set of buttons?

‘Match my mood’


‘Piss the neighbours off’

‘Find my least favourite track’

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Or just one, saying “read my mind”.

I’ve got some friends coming over shortly for a BBQ. Could really use the “Piss the Neighbours Off” button.

Cheers, Greg

And there’s no reason for it not to be able to compose entirely new music similar to what I like. Surely just a few lines of cobol . . . or some sort of cobol/CSS hybrid.

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