Playback delay after 1.7 update

I find the same delay here, sometimes for several seconds. Is this normal? I have no experience with previous versions, since I have subscribed just recently.

I’ve opened a bug report because since v1.7, I am frequently missing the first 1-2 seconds of a track.

Not exactly the same thing, but I’m thinking it’s related.

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Hi @Fernando_Machado,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Is this happening with all zones?

I’ve been waiting to install a new wi-fi powerline (mesh) repeater to check if the delay was related to weakness of signal used by the smarphone or tablet as remotes. I’ve also tried a different network cable. I have a CAT 8 - Supra - cable connected to a Silent Angel Bonn 8 switch. I still notice the same delay when changing tracks - more delay when changing to a different album. I understand there should be some time to buffer the new theme, but as I have a 500 Mbit network, I presume it should be a shorter time. I use a Primare SPA23 multichannel amplifier connected to Roon Nucleus by HDMI Audioquest Forest or Carbon cables (I tried both) or alternatively by network using Pro-jet Box S2 Ultra and Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital connected to the same amplifier by RCA cable. Both ways the access time is longer than I expected. Any suggestions for set-up definitions?

Other than that, the player software with all the data provided is great! I could suggest that you use other languages also for metadata (Portuguese included, of course, for portuguese music, and French or Spanish) and a way to have access to the original booklets of CDs, the way it shows PDFs for downloaded music.

Keep up the good work!

Fernando Machado
Azores islands, Portugal

Hi @Fernando_Machado,

Has the Nucleus always been connected to the Silent Angel switch? If you bypass the switch and go directly to the router is there any change? You might also want to try using Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS — we’ve seen this improve streaming performance in the past.

To clarify, how long of a delay are you seeing? Does the same occur if you play to a different endpoints besides the Pro-Ject?

I connected to another Gigabit switch; tried connection directly to Nucleus with the cable from the router: the same.
I’m not too “technical” - didn’t understand the DNS topics you mentioned.
The delay could be from 3 to 8 seconds when starting a new track of the same album or 5 to 20 or more seconds when starting a different album on Tidal. Using the waiting time is the same when using both endpoints: the Pro-ject streamer and the amplifier.
Other problems:

  1. When changing fom the streamer to the amplifier I have to swith Nucleus off then on, so that it can be heard on the amplifier.
  2. When connecting inicially the remote and looking for the Core it hangs sometimes, keeps searching and doesn’t find it - Nucleus has to be be switched off then on again.
    Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S; Smartphone : Samsung Galaxy Note 4, too old perhaps, but I tried newer ones and the same happens at times.
    Settings I should use?

Hi @Fernando_Machado,

To start, let’s focus in on this delay issue.

  • You can learn more about Google DNS here
  • To verify, this only occurs with TIDAL content and not local content
  • If you play to System Output of one of your remote devices is there the same delay?
  • Do you have a device that you can connect via USB to the Nucleus? Does the same delay occur?

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