Playback error with Mytek Stereo 192 DSD

OS: Windows 10
DAC: Mytek Stereo 192 DSD - firmware v1.82; ASIO driver
playing all filem formats and all bit rates, including DSD

I’m getting the failure message frequently

An additional note: not to make you guys at Roon angry, but I don’t have an issue if I do playback with JRiver, same OS, DAC, and driver, etc.

@mike I sometimes get this message with my Geek Pulse Xfi.
It usually goes away if I try again, but at least once I had to futz with it. (The computer science equivalent of jiggling the handle of the toilet.)

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Now a few hours later, I have some additional info:

  1. If I change DSD output to DoP instead of native the problem is less frequent.(but my DAC is supposed to play DSD native over USB).

  2. The problem seems to occur when switching songs in a mixed playlist: from DSD to PCM or PCM to DSD- it happens most of the time when such switches occur in playback .It can also occur when going from one PCM format to another - from Redbook to hi-res, or between different hi-res sample rates, in a mixed DSD and PCM playlist. The program seems to skip over DSD files in many cases and also can skip some PCM files.

I hope you have and idea for a solution. I consider it a pretty serious problem if I can’t have a DSD song and a PCM song in the same playlist.

And a later update:
I think I solved the problem. Changed the “resync delay” from 0 to 100ms or 500ms, not sure if 100ms is enough. This together with DoP instead of native playback seemed to do the trick. Apparently the DAC driver needs time to reset when switching from one sample rate to another, and having everything in DoP makes the process that much simpler (as if the DSD is still a PCM file).

Hello danny2,

i have the same Problem with my new Pre Box S2. It Support Native DSD. I use your settings and it seems to work. Thank you.

@Not_Roon - Is there another solution?