Playback freezes

Hi, I’ve got a reoccurring problem where playback freezes, this only happens when I have sample rate conversion applied.

it mainly happens at track change but sometime towards the end of the track things will freeze as well.

when this happens processing speed changes from the normal 35x to showing no figure at all - roon core cpu remains unloaded and there’s nothing else running on the roon core except normal background services.

I have to click on play from here on the next track to get things moving.

sometimes clicking skip track works but not always.

I’m streaming to a Linn Akurate system hub via Linn Streaming, the Akurate is at latest full release firmware 4.79.383, just before the current Beta release (which I can’t use as it’s explictly not recommended for roon users).

the PC which is running the roon core is decent spec, i9 9900k with 16Gb Ram, it never breaks a sweat running things.

any advice on how to fix this, it’s driving me nuts!

here is it mid freeze, note the animated icon next the the track is showing it’s playing

roon core CPU is at 13%, memory at 45%

this time I click on play from here on the next track and nothing happens. possessing stopped.

clicking on it again has worked this time.

forgot to say, I don’t think this is Qobuz specific, happens with local Flac files too

another example, the track was playing audibly however the progress bar froze, when it got to the end of track roon wouldn’t change to the next track. I pressed next track and nothing happened, I had to do play from here to make it work.

roon also does not show the track as played

Hello @bob_lovejoy,

Thanks for reaching out! We have an active investigation into similar issues with Linn tracks stopping before they complete, I have added your report to the investigation ticket.

Can you please use these instructions to send me a set of your Roon logs for review?

Also, just to confirm, the Linn zone is the only one impacted in this case, correct?


I only use the Linn zone so not sure if it effects anything else.

have sent you a PM with the logs.

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Hi @bob_lovejoy,

Thanks for sending the logs over, this looks very similar to the investigation we have in progress, so I have added your report to it.

One thing which I did notice, a few times your track buffers didn’t fill up in time, if you are using a default DNS on your router, you may want to try changing it to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 DNS or Google DNS.

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