Playback from Core hosted on Vortexbox [SOLVED]

Hello. Using the instructions in this forum, I disabled LMS and installed the Roon Core on my Vortexbox 2.4 with no issues. Thank you. I enabled the Roon Ready player on my Sonic Orbiter SE and it works beautifully (with better sound quality than the squeezelite player on the same device I might add.) Now I need to get the player on the VB server usable as I have my headphone rig connected to it. From the Roon app on my iPad I can see the correct USB DAC listed as “Connected to Core” but it says “Device Not Found.” Is there an ALSA setting or something I must enable to get this player active? VB 2.4 used Fedora 23.

Thank you.

FYI, here is a screen shot from a control app. Not sure why it can “see” the device on the Core, but then says it cannot be found?


Interesting. I had the same problem connecting an Roon enabled Vortexbox to the Devialet USB. Interested to see if anybody can help.

OK, I got mine working. You first have to enable Squeezebiox Support in the Roon Settings screen, then under Audio the embedded squeezelite player in the Vortexbox OS appears. Enable that and give it a name, and you are rocking.

So Vortexbox hosts Roon Server and plays back as a SB device.

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