Playback has not been stable with B334

I have similar issue MacBook Pro (2011 High Sierra 10.13.5) and Roon 1.5 (334) - Devialet Expert D250 (FW 10.0.5)
Since 334 update the playback crashes completely mostly noisy sound is coming out. With 333 the pőlayback was still stable. Unusable at this moment :frowning:

Hi @Ferenc_Szucs ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, to help aide in our understanding of this behavior you are experiencing, may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • Please expand on your setup description using this link as a guide.

  • When you say that “playback crashes”, is playback halting OR is the application itself crashing?

  • Is this behavior only occurring when you are using the Export D250 zone or do other audio zones also exhibit this behavior?

  • I am assuming that you have tried rebooting all of your devices already (core, endpoint, etc) and the behavior has remained the same, is this correct?

Lastly, I have enabled diagnostics on your account so our tech team can have a closer look into this behavior. What this action will do is the next time the application is active on your Roon core a diagnostics report containing a set of your Roon logs will automatically be generated/uploaded directly to our servers. I will be sure to let you know when the report has come in so you know we have it.


So all in all it was hard day… I’ve updated my all Roon devices and Macmini,(Core 1) MacBook Pro (Core 2) and MacBook (Remote only).
In general everything was very slow and could not really listen to music. Three different DACs in the same network.
I had to restart the Macs several times and restarted Roon(s). As I wrote I had whole day inconsistency and several drops, whichever core I’ve used. Core 1 took me a whole day to squeeze out the first song. Simply did not want to start.
From both Core 1 and Core 2 (this account) was not possible to play music to Devialet D250 Expert, if at all was sound became noisy with harsh distortions.
Now after several hours, the first song was played through Core 2, from Macbook Pro, but only one song than several stops and again distortions.
Everything is slow and permanent scanning is going on (which can slow down as well).
Lost audio devices whole day, so i had mostly problems today. I let run Roon through night and hope to have a better day tomorrow.
back to your question, I had mostly playback crashes, but Core 1 on MacMini started very slowly (has huge library!) and drop the start few times and application jump out few times. The Roon remote was whole day stable but because of the struggling Core 1 I could not stream to it music more or less whole afternoon.
Since write the Devialet playback stop 3-4 time and once came the distortion. Once the whole playlist drop out completely as well.
So for now this what I could add to this topic.
Ah one good thing was still, when it worked the sound was really amazing :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot and hope to get back to normal work very soon.

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Thanks for the details, @Ferenc_Szucs, and sorry for the continuing difficulties!

I just wanted to confirm with you that the diagnostics report has come through. I’ve passed the report, along with your information above, over to the team for analysis. I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I’ve received their feedback.

In the meantime, can you confirm whether or not this is happening for all endpoints? If you play to system output on one of your Core machines do you still experience the same behavior?


Hi Dylan,
Yes the playback was unstable for all endpoints, but there was no distorted signal, just at the Devialet. For the other endpoints mostly was not even starting than if started than stop after few tracks. Several time were lost all audio devices as well, needed to wait until it finds again.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @Ferenc_Szucs ---- Thank you again for the continued feedback here but more importantly, thank you for your patience. Both are very appreciated!

Continuing forward, I can see that your ticket is still with our techs and once they have completed their investigation a member of the support team will be sure to share their thoughts/findings with you in a timely manor. In the mean time however, I would like to propose the following to see if we can trigger a change in behavior with your setup. Please see below.

  • Before anything, please create a backup of your Roon DB.
  • After the backup has been created please close ALL active instances of the Roon application (core, remotes, and any bridge devices).
  • Once the application is completely inactive please locate your “RAATServer” folder on the machine currently hosting your core. The RAATServer folder is going to be in the same directory as your Roon DB, so the directions found here will help to locate it.
  • When you’ve located your “RAATServer” folder on the core machine using the directions posted above please rename the folder to “RAATSever_Old”.
  • Finally, please re-launch Roon and confirm if there is any change in behavior.


Note: Do not delete the “RAATServer_Old” folder.

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Thanks a lot. In the night some things moved.
My Macbook Pro based Core was running whole night and today with some minor pops, the music started to play again.
Same time i’ve found a faulty Thunderbolt HDD connected to my main MacMini, I could not repair it, so i’ve reinstalled it again. On this HDD i’m strong my vinyl rips, so unsuccessful connections to this drive could cause some slow down.
The formatting and copying back the files took last few hours, now i’m trying to reconnect the folders.
Something was definitely with my Macs for sure, just the new Roon added to the troubles.
With my MacMini Core I’m still struggling, starting after all changes now. Later will come back and report how it worked there. I may try what you proposed there.
Thanks a lot for all your support and care, Roon is excellent in all aspects!

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MacíMini Core is getting alive again, could play some music. Still is busy rechecking few ten thousand of tracks, eating up resources. I believe when it settle will get the playback as well.

Hey @Ferenc_Szucs

That’s great to hear! Once it’s finished if you continue having issues just let us know and we can continue troubleshooting from there.


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Hi, short update.
Since the Roon Upgrade my both Cores are still updating the database, and it is causing for sure some playback and stability issues. I can not separate the problem clearly between Mac and Roon bit as I experienced other instability on my both High Sierra Macs I tend to believe that the root of the problem is coming form that side.
Hope to finish now the updates and enjoy the music again!
My Core proposed to delete over 50 thousand tracks and of course is re-reading them.