Playback interruption on Roon with MacBook Pro and Devialet Pro 250 (ref#7A7BUE)

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I am using Roon on my MacBook streaming to my Devialet Pro 250 or USB to my T+A Headphones using Qobuz. Sound is great but after I am playing an album just some other +/- random track is playing. I find that completely disturbing and ruins my listening experience

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MacBook Pro M1 16"

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Devialet Pro 250

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What macOS and AIR driver version do you have installed?

Try to avoid wifi and If possible use a ethernetcabel. If you can’t use one, specify your network. Unplugging your network and your Devialet sometimes does the trick.

My MacBook Pro is using presently OS 13.6.2 and is connected via WiFi to my router. The Devialet Pro 250 is connected via ethernet directly to the same router. (Devialet Air does not work with OS13 or later.)
If I am using my T+A Solitaire T they are directly connected to my Macbook via USB-C cable.
The network works with rare interruptions. My issue has to do with playback of a single album (I am not using normally playlists) from Qobuz. If I am using the Qobuz app it just plays that album but when I am using Roon it immediately plays another track from some album (slightly related to the album I was listening to). I just want to play the album I have selected and not some algorithm selecting something. I unclicked Start radio.

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Hi @Jakob_Bogenberger,

Thank you for the report. We’d like to investigate available diagnostic reports from RoonServer when you experience this behavior to pin down the cause.

You mention you’ve untoggled “Start Radio.” Specifically, are you referring to the Play Action settings page (see screenshot below):

Or are you referring to the Queue page Roon Radio option (screenshot below):

If the Queue page setting for automatic Roon Radio startup is enabled, and there are accumulated dropouts sufficient that the Qobuz album becomes unavailable to prebuffer (one track after another), the symptom will resemble playback initiation of random, related track. Similarly, if you’ve prioritized a click mechanism for starting Roon Radio based off on the Album page in Settings, then you might be initiating Roon Radio instead of Queueing the actual album.

Please let us know the name of an album for which you recently experienced this behavior so our team can pinpoint the event in automatic reports we can enable.

Thank you!

My album play actions setup:

One example for not stoping after an album:
I was playing:
Monterverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine, L’Appergiata, Christina Pluhar and after last track it played:
Arie: Angela Siete without me ever looking at that track previously

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