Playback Is 1 Second Per Song With No Sound [Solved]

Yesterday I was listening to an album from TIDAL within ROON with no issues. I paused the music to meditate for 20 minutes. Ever since then, whenever I try to play music sourced either from TIDAL or from my NAS, I have an issue I’ve never encountered before (and can’t find here in Support).

After I select “Play Album”, each track plays from beginning to end in approximately 1 second, with no sound. In other words, an album with 14 tracks will “play” through all the tracks in approximately 14-15 seconds, with no sound.

Sometimes, hitting Pause will stop the fast sequence, but usually hitting Pause has no effect.

It’s now been two days, and this problem repeats itself no matter which album I choose to play, sourced either from TIDAL or from my NAS.

Has anyone encountered this before? I have no idea what to try next.


Hi Gerry,
Firstly try restarting the computer with the Core. Sometimes software gets into a bad state and restarting the computer can fix it.

If that doesn’t fix things then please describe the hardware and OS that you are using. The symptoms you describe can occur when an OS lacks the codecs to play the relevant file types.

Thank you Andrew. Here is the information you requested.

iMac Retina
El Capitan 10.11.16
Roon Core
Roon Version 1.2 (build 161) stable (64bit)

iPad Air 2
iOS 10.0.2 (14A456)
Roon Version 1.2 (build 162) stable (64bit)

Restarted iMac and iPad. Opened Roon (Core) on iMac. Opened Roon on iPad. Started TIDAL album playback but same issue exists – all 14 tracks played in approximately 15 seconds with no sound.

On iPad I closed all apps. Opened Roon, but this time it displays page “Remote Connection Waiting for Remote Core…” and stays on this page. Selected button “Choose Core” and it displays page “Choose your Core” with iMac info and “Initializing…”. The button “Connect” does not look active, and touching it does not change anything.

Selected iPad’s Home button, and closed Roon application. Opened Roon, and this time the page “Choose your Core” says “Ready” and the button “Connect” is active. I select button “Connect” and Roon opens. Started TIDAL album playback but same issue exists.

MacBook Pro Retina
MacOS Sierra
Roon Version 1.2 (build 161) stable (64bit)

Restarted iMac and MacBook Pro. Opened Roon (Core) on iMac. Opened Roon on MacBook Pro. Started TIDAL album playback but same issue exists.

Let me know if you need any additional information.

UPDATE: I found a solution to this issue. Will post details later today.

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Initially, I wanted to run TIDAL without Roon, just so I could listen to music while searching for a solution to the issue described above.

To simplify, I took both the iPad and MacBook Pro off the network, to focus exclusively on the Roon Core iMac.

Using a web browser, I connected to the microRendu and switched from RoonReady Output to DLNA Output. But then I thought, why not just reconfigure the system as if I was setting it up for the first time. In other words, to reboot both the hardware and software.

On the iMac, I went into Settings/Storage and disabled the NAS, to leave TIDAL streaming as my only library source, and then quit the Roon application.

With the web browser I reconnected to the microRendu, and switched back to RoonReady Output. I then powered the microRendu down, waited a few seconds, and powered it back up.

After restarting the iMac, I launched Roon and switched the Audio Zone from System Output to microRendu. I then went into the TIDAL library, selected an album, and playback was now OK!

I went back into Settings/Storage and enabled the NAS. After I selected an album from the NAS library, playback was now OK!

I put both the iPad and MacBook Pro back onto the network, and using Roon on either one has successful playback.

I played music without any issues all day yesterday and last night. So I will presume that reconfiguring the hardware and software eliminated whatever was causing the playback issue.

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