Playback is slow to start and constantly interrupted

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2, 16GB RAM, Intel Core i7-10700 CPU

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Moon 390 preamp which is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable

Number of Tracks in Library

3081 Artists, 4693 albums, 72819 tracks

Description of Issue

All sources, ripped albums on HD, streaming from Qobuz, and Live Radio, are slow to start playback and then will either not start at all, skipping to the next track, or start playback but skip like a scratched CD.

The issues you described could be Network related. Please add your Network setup as requested in the list of necessary information.

What do you need regarding network setup? I have an Xfinity router and I use Tenda Powerline adapters. Prior to the last several days I haven’t had any issues with playback. The Roon endpoint is connected to the internet via the adapter and my PC uses WiFi.

You mean the PC that runs your Core is connected via wi-fi?

This goes against just about every recommendation regarding Roon network setup.

Your Core machine should be connected to the network/internet via ethernet cable.

I’d try that first to see if it resolves the issues you’re experiencing.

Some useful info.

Why is mesh networking recommended over WiFi? And is mesh networking recommended over using powerline adapters?

APs with wired backhaul is preferred over mesh wi-fi. Power line adapters aren’t ideal, but can work. Some people seem to get away with them, others not. YMMV.

Thanks all! I guess it was silly to have the PC (Core) on WiFi. But it worked for about 11 months. I wired the PC with a powerline adapter and everything is working again.

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