Playback is stuttering with RoPieee

Hi guys,

i do have an Raspberry Pi 4 with a Hifiberry Digi+ Board which is connected to my AV and also a Topping D30 connected to the Pi. Since using the PI4 i have often stuttering playback with Tidal. After rebooting the Pi it’s back to normal. It’s on both audio devices. The Pi is connected with Gigabit Ethernet. Is there someone with same issues or resolved that problem? Maybe i have to connect the Dac so a special USB Port? Does Ethernet and USB share the Same Bus or can i seperate them? Maybe it has something to do with that.



I also have a pi4 and digi+ pro and i use both outputs.
The only difference is that I’m using Qobuz.

I’m using ropieee, since 3 weeks. Not a single issue. I have tested also dietpi. It worked well.

I assume that when you say ‘playback with Tidal’ you mean Tidal via Roon?

Does this mean that with local content everything is ok?

I only play tidal tracks and yes I mean tidal via roon. Maybe it has something to do with my Synology which is also the roon core. I think the power management of the Nas might be the problem. The Synology is putting itself in a power saving mode and after waking it up by opening roon it seems as if this issue occurs. I never had this issues in Roon 1.7 and did not change any settings on the Synology ever since. But it’s just just a guess on this issue.