Playback issues on Nucleus +

Hi! I have experienced the same problems recently, especially after installing Roon Nucleus + (Version 1). I have had to reinstall Library twice, and to reboot Nucleus. I can move between artwork and in the upcoming songs, but it will not play. Neither from Roon app on PC, or Roon app on iphone. Endpoint is Ayre QX5 twenty an the network is cabled Ethernet. Earlier when I ran the Roon core on my PC it seemed a lot more stable.

Hi @Petter_Eilert_Jorgen,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so we can better assist you here. Can you please confirm if this behavior occurs only on your Ayre zone or if it impacts multiple zones? For example if you try using the PC Roon app and output to the PC’s internal speakers (System Output), do you have the same behavior occur there?

Hello and thanks for Your reply. Some time have passed since i experienced these problems. Lately the Nucleus, Library and playback functions have been stable.
If I remember correctly the problem occured on all my zones. PC, Iphone and Ayre. If this happens again I will Write you a detailed description. For now I enjoy Roon and Music!

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Hi @Petter_Eilert_Jorgen,

Thanks for the update! If the issue returns do let me know, and please test other zones to see if those work as expected, as this would be a good data point to have if further debugging of this issue is needed.

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