Playback issues on WiFi

I am also experiencing the same issue on my new iPhone. Starts the track, then stops at some point in the song, then it moves to the next. My node2i is wired and works perfectly. I have narrowed the iPhone issue down. It only happens when using WiFi. If I turn off WiFi and use LTE the tracks behave normally. I am using an xfinity advanced gateway for my WiFi access point. So frustrating this happens while using WiFi.

Hi @Ryan_Fritts,

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I am not sure what you are referring to here, if you iPhone is not on WiFi, then it can’t communicate with the Roon Core.

At this time, you need a local WiFi connection to communicate with Roon, you can’t communicate via LTE (unless you have set up a VPN, which is not officially supported).

Can you clarify what you mean by the issue only occurs on WiFi? Does the iPhone internal speaker zone also have the same behavior? You can enable the iPhone local zone under Roon Settings -> Audio when using the Roon app on the iPhone.