Playback issues using RoonReady & HQPlayer with Sonicorbiter [Resolved]

Mine arrived today. It took a little bit to get setup with HQPlayer, but once I figured it out all is working fine. My one issue is that is loses my DAC (Unison Research CD Due) if I change the input to cd, when I change it back to USB all connection has been lost and I need to reboot the Sonore and quit/restart HQP.

My guess is I will have the same issue everyday when I turn off the DAC every night, but leave the headless MacMini on… Kind of wish it just worked/connected without having to reboot, quit, restart and play around with settings so much.

@anon94274355 Well we have written about this elsewhere, and this really seems to fall at HQP and Jussi’s door. It is a real drawback to lose the USB connection such that the NAA has to be re-started every time. Ideally, the NAA should hand back control to Roon, which does know when a USB connection is alive, control it via Roon. Or Jussi devises a way for the NAA to poll the USB connection and know when it is on. Or ultimately, HQP gets fully integrated into Roon (this does not seem likely in the short term, if ever).

It’s a shame that the customised Sonicorbiter software isn’t more savvy about this either with the NAA, especially as I have my beady eyes on the microRendu, which presumably will have the same controlling software. That unit, of course, will be dedicated USB only, and for all intents and purposes, should just ‘work’. Not going to be ideal if a re-start of the microRendu / NAA through the web software is required every time you want to use it.

Really seems to me that it is something Signalyst need to attend to, one way or another. And Sonore should insist that they do.

One thought that in the short term may provide a patch plaster. Within Roon’s audio output settings for HQP, would it be possible for Roon to re-start the NAA service, which can happen in a blink of the eye. I know there is a broken link for volume control in Roon’s bottom right hand ‘speaker’ button, but that is not the same as getting the NAA to restart AFAIK. Maybe that option in the button ‘simply’ tells NAA to restart itself. The NAA would obviously need to allow Roon to have that sort of control, so once again, it is back to Jussi to resolve.

@AllenB, @agillis. I thought I would bring it up here are well as now this issue has double/triple the effect where I constantly need to reboot the Sonore and also quit/restart HQP then established a connection again between the two and my DAC and I’m really feeling it is a pain to have to do this, connections should NOT be lost and like you said it needs to just ‘work’… For the moment, I wish I didn’t purchase the Sonore without knowing this was the case with how it works with HQP… I will more than likely be using the RoonReady app most of the time and hopefully this is not the case or I will be returning the Sonore.

Well I think this is something for Jussi to sort out because it seems to happen on all the slim devices that can run NAA and also the MacMini. I have the same thing on my RPi 2 (worse on my MacMini), you are getting it with the SoSE and by interpolation, I would imagine the Cubox is the same, although @RBM seems to have got lucky with the equipment he has connected.

Point is, we all have different DAC’s and not all connections are going to be kept alive all the time, and not every member of the family can deal with the rigmarole of shutting down and starting up everything in a certain order, why should they, that’s really not acceptable however you look at it. I just want to be able to switch input to USB and the NAA be there, ready and waiting.

This issue is now jeopardising the intended purchase of the microRendu for me, although of course, I could always default back to Roon RAAT. Which makes HQP somewhat defunct.

I’m sorry, but I think Sonore is being unfairly beat up here…

Unless I’m misunderstanding the issue, the SOSE plays the NAA software perfectly. It’s the NAA software that does not work with all DACs. So the problem is neither Sonore’s fault, nor their responsiblity to fix. It could be in Sonore’s best interest to create some kind of patch, to help future SOSE sales. But at the end of the day it’s the NAA software that’s doesn’t work with everyone’s DAC, and that falls to Signalyst.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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@scolley. I do not mean in any way that I’m beating up on Sonore because that is not the case at all.

This forum has been the first time I even heard of a NAA and I’m still understanding it fully as I’ve been a Mac guy all my life and have actually has never owned a PC/Linux in my life. I didn’t even know Sonore didn’t create the software, so maybe I should of said I shouldn’t of purchased a NAA without knowing it’s full interaction with HQP.

Just mentioning my disappointment with the interaction of how the NAA/HQP works together and all the steps needed to make them work if you turn off your DAC or change inputs back and forth the connection is lost and I think that’s fair.

I was very clear that this lays at Jussi / Signalyst’s door not Roon and not Sonore. But it would be great if the latter two can work with the first to get a solution, then everyone will be happy, both feature HQP NAA as an output and if all worked without fiddling, then that has to be a win-win surely.

And just to be clear @scolley, HQP NAA does work, it’s the disconnection of the USB that involves the fiddling to get it working again. Not user friendly by any means, and not something you can say ‘well just leave the USB connected device on 24/7, or only turn it off after you have shut down the NAA and / or HQP’.

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[quote=“AllenB, post:106, topic:6581”]
And just to be clear @scolley, HQP NAA does work, it’s the disconnection of the USB that involves the fiddling to get it working again.
[/quote]Thanks for the clarification Allen. But that sounds like you should have said -* it does work as long as the USB device remains powered up*. That’s a qualified “it works”.

[quote=“Mystic, post:105, topic:6581”]
I do not mean in any way that I’m beating up on Sonore because that is not the case at all.
[/quote]And I’m sorry if it looked like I’m picking you. That was certainly not my intent. I just wanted to make it UBER clear to others reading this, that the problem was not Sonore’s responsiblity, nor of their making.

IMO ths is no different than if people reported problems with the SOSE in Squeezelite mode. It could be entirely a problem with the Squeezelite software, and if so, that’s not on Sonore either.

HOWEVER, it is GOOD that the problem is being discussed here. Thanks for that. People that are considering a SOSE (or microRendu) purchase to run an HQP NAA and have a DAC that shuts down will certainly be happy to have seen this discussion! Thanks.

So is it correct to say that this problem only occurs when HQP/NAA is in the loop? In other words, Roon + SOSE + USB to DAC do not exhibit this problem?

I’m also on the fence about a SOSE or uRendu but am willing to live without HQP/NAA longer than living without something to stream via USB to my Devialet. Or, at least, that’s my present thinking. (not waiting for Devialet to fix or replace AIR first).

Great question.

I can say that in that configuration (Roon + SOSE + USB to DAC, w/SOSE in RoonReady mode), if I turn off my DAC while playing music, Roon pauses. If I turn the DAC on, Roon does not resume playing music. But if I touch the play button on the paused song in the app, the music resumes from where it was when I switched off the DAC. No silliness at all. Pretty straight forward.

@mdconnelly. I just tested the RoonReady app in the SOSE and turned my DAC off and back on and as soon as the DAC was back up and running the SOSE was recognized in Roon. So the issue is only HQP/NAA as far as I can tell (I’ve only had it a day).

I do not know what’s happening but three times I’ve had playback just stop in the middle of a song (different albums). Once using HQP and the other 2 times using the RoonReady app.

Both times using RoonReady I had to restart the RoonServer software on my MacMini to get it working again and for the HQP time I had to play around with the disconnect button, choosing another album and nothing happening so I had to Screen Share my headless MacMini on my iMac and then music just started?

Are others having these kinda symptoms? Is this a normal function of using a network rather than working from my MacMini/Music HD directly to the DAC, and also no other bandwidth was being used when these occurred, it’s just like it got hung up midway through a song.

It just stopped again as typing this message, but this time in HQP going to the next song (had to hit the disconnect link icon).

I’m definately not. And I’ve been using Cubox-I hardware for a couple years as network music endpoints without ever having such a problem. And to date, my SOSE has worked flawlessly, whether it be emulating AirPlay, Squeezelite, or functioning as a RoonReady RAAT device, or HQPlayer NAA.

So it would be really interesting to see if other people have this problem over their wired networks.

Same here, no ongoing playback issues at all with SOSE and Roon/HQPlayer. Every once in a while I will get a pause in playback, but I think it is a case of someone else on my network making a big data request that causes my data stream to hang for a minute (happens once a week or so and usually just once in a listening session). HQP continues playing normally after about 2-3 seconds.

I have been building dedicated music servers for years and the best way to solve annoying problems like this is to get a dedicated server for Roon or whatever music server software you are running.

Both MACs and Windows machines can have intermittent problems that cause programs running on them to pause. Virus scanners, hard drives going to sleep, Microsoft indexing service reindexing your drive. The list goes on.

This is why we build dedicated systems like the sonicTransporter. A dedicated box running nothing but Roon Server keeps the music flowing smoothly :slight_smile:

But you can’t run HQP on it can you?

No unfortunately the version of HQplayer that runs on Linux embedded does not work with Roon.