Playback issues with Sonictransporter & Raspberry Pi 3

Been running Roon from sonictransporter with Raspberry Pi 3 (& Hifiberry Digi+) for a bit less than 2 weeks. Then yesterday the gremlins arrived. Skips, clicks, volume fluctuations, panning between speakers. When I switch to Runeaudio (taking Roon & Sonictransporter out of the equation) everything is back to normal. I rebooted the sonictransporter to no effect. Today when I launched Roon, Roon said there was no network device. So I rebooted the pi, solving the no network device error but the gremlins still plague me.
Please help.

Has this problem stumped everyone? Did a clean install of the Raspberry Pi 3 OS, but the problem persists. Thanks.

Hi @P_Zwief,

It has stumped me, I’m afraid. What kind of router and network architecture are you using ?

Something that might be worth trying is to load the new beta HiFiberry Roon image onto a new SD card (keep your existing one) and try that instead of your current Roon Bridge installation. That image is a beta release so may itself have issues, but if the gremlins disappear then it would indicate that the problem was software based.

If the gremlins remain after using the HiFiberry Roon image then that would indicate a hardware/network problem.

If that doesn’t work then we’ll ask @mike and @vova to investigate further.

The hifiberry beta image seems to have done the trick. Have only listened for a few minutes but it sounds lovely so far. Thank you!

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