Playback of high resolution music files are distorted

Roon is playing my high-resolution music files (AIFF) with significant distortion. I have 24/352 music files and unable to play them without distortion using Roon software. Lower resolution music files sound clear and without any distortions. In the device Setup - Advance options, I have adjusted the settings to the highest resolution available to no effect. Please advise.

My System setup is as follow:
DAC - Mytek, Young
Music server - Apple Mac Server Pro, OS Yosemite
Pre/Pro: Theta Digital, Casablanca III



Thanks for reaching out to us here, I have a few questions:

  • Is the behavior the same for multiple zones or is it just limited to that one Mytek zone?
  • Can you please upload a few of these files to Google Drive / Dropbox / and send them to me as a private message?
  • Do any other types of files exhibit this behavior? If you try a few 24/354 FLAC files from the 2L Test Bench, do those experience similar distoriton?

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