Playback of multiple versions of single song chosen in focus group

Asked this on the software forum, but didn’t get a response:

Say as an example, I have several different versions of DSOTM. The versions arent’ “merged”.

If I then pull up a bookmarked focus group that includes DSOTM, and I give the “thumbs up” to a specific song from one of the versions of DSOTM, on playback something strange happens:
If I have, say, 3 versions of DSOTM, the song I’ve chosen to play back as part of the focus group will appear 3 times in the playback queue - one time from each of the 3 versions of the of DSOTM.

I thought at first this was happening only with multiple versions of an album I’ve defined as a “group” of alternate versions. But it is also happening with multiple versions of an album when I haven’t defined them as a group.

Clearly, if I give the “thumbs up” to a specific song in the queue for a focus group, I only want that one version of the song to playback, and not all the “album group” versions of the song, one after another.



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