Playback of ripped files misses half a second at start of each track

Roon Core Machine

Roon rock on i3 nuc with 16k ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router through Cisco switch

Connected Audio Devices

Sotm streamer to Vitus SCD025 dac

Number of Tracks in Library

84,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Playback is fine through two of my DACs but through the Vitus SCD025 DAC when playing ripped files the DAC clicks between songs and misses the first half a second of the track. It does not happen when playing albums from Qobuz. I have tried swapping the streamer around and it is definitely the DAC that is casusing the problem. Is there a setting I can change to cure this?

Check out the Resync Delay setting and see if adjusting this will help.

Thanks for your reply Geoff. I tried this but it makes no difference. It is strange - at the end of only some tracks the DAC clicks, then plays the new track. When it does this it misses the first half a second. But it only does this on some tracks on some albums. Some albums play seamlessly with no ‘clicks’ between tracks. Some albums play some tracks with no clicks in between but others have the ‘click’. Clearly when it ‘clicks’ between songs it does something which misses the first half a second. Is there something in the ripped song file which tells Roon to play gaplessly at the end of a track or to play the next song as a separate file?

The click means that there has been a change of bit rate/resolution between one track and the next. It’s not associated with the ability of Roon to play gapless.

Look at the file info for the tracks where this is happening - you should see that there is a change between two consecutive tracks.

Thanks again for your help. The songs are from the same cd rip. Here are two songs which click between them, and so I miss the first half a second of the second track. Looks like the same file type, so I am not sure what is causing the problem. As I say it is fine on other dacs in my house.

If it is relevant there is no click after this track.

Can you look at the file info using Roon? Click the “3 dots” by the tracks and choose “View file info…”

These photos are the wrong way - click occurs between playing No Words and Picasso’s last words.

Hmm - there doesn’t seem to be any change between these tracks that would account for the clicks. Let’s see what @support have to say…

How do I get them to view the question Geoff?

Posting here, the #support category of the forum, automatically notifies the Support team of Roon Labs, and your question will have been added to their queue. However, the small team (four people) works business hours and not at weekends. The queue can also be long at times, so I’m afraid that patience is often required.

In the meantime, it’s possible that if other members of the Community who own the Vitus SCD025 DAC have some suggestion to make they can reply to your question here.