Playback pops and stopping - Windows 10

Yesterday I installed a brand new windows 10 PC I7 processor with 16 GB of RAM with wired Ethernet. I then updated the windows 10 OS and drivers to latest and installed a new download of Roon. Normal playback eventually degrades to pops and clicks and sometimes stops altogether.

My configuration is synology 1512+ NAS to new windows PC to Roon- to sonicorbiter SE to Chord 2qute DAC context via USB.

This configuration works perfectly when I set the sonicorbiter SE in any other mode, I have since reverted to using Logitech Media Server.

Hey @Mark_Stephen – I’d like to get a look at your logs. I’ll be in touch shortly via PM.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks for your reply. I have sent the logs as requested. I am also having the same issue when using Roon- in conjunction with HQPlayer setting the sonicorbiter SE in NAA mode. Again I have no issues when setting the sonicorbiter SE in squeezelite mode. I can play anything so I don’t think the problem is the DAC or NAS.