Playback problem DSD -> PCM or PCM -> DSD

I’m having problems with playback when the queue contains both DSD and PCM files.
When playing only DSD files, the playback is problem free and bit perfect. Even when files form different abums are played.
The same applies when only playing PCM files.

The DSD files are DSF 64 ripped from SACD and down loaded DSF 128. It makes no difference.

When a DSD file ends and Roon tries to play a PCM file, there is a very unhealthy sounding “electronic” sound for 5-6 seconds. After this Roon stalls for some time (the amount of time seems to vary).
Then, it is possible to play again.
Sometimes, Roon gives a “no audio device found” message for a short while before allowing playback again.

Pretty much the same applies when going from PCM to DSD, except there is no electronic sound.

I have tried several combinations of settings but to no avail. E.g. buffer set at 500 ms and “Use exclusive mode” off.

How can I make Roon work with a mixture of DSD and PCM files?

Roon remote on Ipad air.
Dedicated Roon server: I5 6600, X11SSZ-QF Supermicro motherboard, 16 Gb RAM (Supermicro), Samsung 256 GB SSD, motherboard USB (I can’t make SoTM USB card work reliably).
Win 10 Pro, 64 bit, version 1607, OS build 14393.447
Files on NAS, QNAP TS-419P+
MSB DAC V Signature with USB 384
MSB USB driver: 3.20.0, USB device: 3.30
To make DSD128 work, “work around drivers that misreport device capabilities” and “Max DSD sample rate” = “up to DSD128” are necessary.
The USB384 wil not work with native DSD. DoP is required (as per design).

Screenshots (some menus on 2 screenshots - they are not expandable. I had to remove 2 screenshot, since only 5 are allowed. The ASIO driver is set at Fixed volume and Resync delay = 0s):

Hi @Martin_R ----- Thank you for the report and apologies for the troubles here. I appreciate you taking the time to provide a description of your setup and sharing your observations :sunglasses:

Can you confirm if the same behavior is being experienced when using the WASAPI driver?



Thank you for answering. I thought the WASAPI driver was necessesary for the MSB USB extension and the ASIO driver for Roon. Sorry.

I can now play both DSD and PCM files in the same queue (ASIO disabled).

However, when skipping in the queue from DSD to PCM or from PCM to DSD, the very beginning of the selected file is warbled or not played (1 to 2 seconds).

This does not happen when skipping between files that are only either DSD or PCM.

I’m using a 500 ms buffer.

Is there anything I can do to make the transition between files of different format smooth?

Best regards

Hi @Martin_R ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, have you tried adjusting your buffer setting? How about the resync delay? Perhaps try adjusting to 1 or 2 seconds? I am curious to see if adjusting these setting will offer a change in results for you.