Playback reliability Issues

Seeing some strange behavior since the update. I have updated to 1.6 on all my devices (MAC, iPhone, iPad & Innuos MKII server). I have re-booted everything. I have Tidal & Qobuz.
In doing some testing between my server files, Tidal & Qobuz this is what I have observed:

Server files - Sound ok. But have in some instances where the song stopped playing after 10 seconds or so
Qobuz - static. Sounds awful
Tidal - sounds normal

I have set Qobuz to the highest resolution (my current subscription)

No issues prior to the update with server/Tidal

Anyone else having strange playback issues? Thank you

Hello @Frank_DeMello,

Can you please provide some more information regarding your setup using this thread as a guide?

What kind of Qobuz subscription do you have and are you able to play a track all the way through on the Qobuz web player (


Hi Noris,
Qobuz US Beta. Have streaming quality set to Hi Res 24/192. Cache (Comfort level). I haven’t seen this issue on the web player

Hello @Frank_DeMello,

Are you experiencing this behavior with all of your endpoints? Or just one device in particular? How is the device connected to Roon, USB or Networked?


Hello - The Innuos sever is the Core & Player. Outputting via USB to my DAC (PS DS Jr). Only noticing it with this scenario. Will try to replicate on my MAC