Playback repeatedly pauses

We are running the room core on a Synology DS918+, through to a Naim Unistar, via ethernet. Room software is running via an attached SSD
All has been working perfectly until the last week.
Playback from the music library keeps pausing, and Playback via Roon radio also pauses/stutters.
Rebooted the server, stopped and restarted Roon and the router a number of times all to no avail.

Any other suggestions

Hi @Simon_Daffern,

What kind of content are you having trouble playing? Both local content and streaming content?

Dear Dylan,

The issue is only with the Roon system, and is affecting both playback of our stored music files, and also playback of the Roon live radio. There is no pattern to how long it will play before pausing, but rarely will it finish a track.

If we use the Tidal application as a stand alone, we have no issues in playing their content, both music and radio. The same is true if we just use the Naim app, we can play live radio, spotify and Tidal without an issue.

Trust that this helps

Dear Dylan,

Issue looks to be resolved for now, bad ethernet cable.


Hello @Simon_Daffern, and thanks for your report! Glad you got things sorted out, please let us know if you have any further questions.

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