Playback robustness / FLAC file-fault tolerance

Just noticed that when playing an album, one track abruptly skipped to the end (and on to the next track).
I can repeat this at will. First & obvious assumption was a “broken file” or something file (data) related…nothing to do with cables or hardware… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Repeated the test with the same file with LogitechMediaServer / Squeezebox and at the same point, there’s clearly a glitch in the (FLAC) file, but the track keeps on playing through to the end.
This is also repeatable.

Conclusion : my file is busted (no problem, I can re-rip it) but Roon seems to be quite “intolerant” of the faulty data, whereas LMS is quite tolerant.

Is this by design - is this “wanted / expected behaviour” for some reason ? Do you / we understand why this happens ? Can this be fixed ? Do you / we want to fix this ?

I’ll upload the file to your server with the usual filename parameters.
Underworld : Dubnobasswithmyheadman Super-Deluxe Edition [2014 Remaster] / CD01-05 / 07-01 Cowgirl.FLAC
Glitch is at 05:59.

Interesting question though. How fault tolerant should Roon be? I’m going to link this to a new discussion.

Thanks @rolski

@vova – can you grab this file and see if you’re able to reproduce?

Interesting question indeed.