Playback skips tracks

Core Machine

OSX High Sierra / Macmini Late 2012 / 2.3Ghz i7 / 16GB

Network Details

1G network / wired / NAS

Audio Devices

USB → microRendu → DAC(XMos)

Description of Issue

Playback skips. Entire tracks on an album skip. Sometimes it plays some tracks. Once play starts, subsequent tracks(e.g.queued) play fine. This happens with iphone as well. I think this is happening since v1.8 upgrade. I simply cannot use Roon anymore and this is very frustrating. I fiddled with the device setup dialog but only partial success then it did not last. This happens whether I am playing local files (NAS) or tidal/qobuz tracks. It is harder to succeed with streamed music if it ever succeeds. I have a quite large library. This skipping behavior, I think, gets worse by machine up time increases. I scheduled a job to have my machine boot up every morning. I recall this was not happening in v1.7. Please do something quick to alleviate the situation. I am seeing similar issues posted by other users and I hope you found a solution already. Please help.

hey support! are you there?

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2nd knock! Save My Ship please!!

Hi @shinyc,
I guess you should address that topic to someone (like I did here with your user; @“name”).
“noris” or “dylan” for example.

Otherwise it’s maybe hard to get an feedback.

As you have seen - there are several topics like that.
Usually you should provide log files from that time as well via dropbox.

I’ve also my issues, but not from local library and just from TIDAL.
I invested a lot of time to find some issues in my network until I was able to fix that.
Tidal streaming is still open but I guess theý have at least an idea now.
Good luck!

Hi @shinyc

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Do you see the same behavior for all endpoints? If you play to System Output of the Mac Mini do they occur?

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your kind guidance. You know what! last night I retired my Mac mini(late 2012) and replaced it with an i7 Rock machine (well-specced) on a recent advice by a forum member, which was posted a few days ago.

This skipping issue is completely gone. There is a small issue not related to the skipping trouble. Now, after library importation, the spinning wheel keeps turning forever. Now, I need to open a new ticket.

Hi @dylan ,

Thank you for getting back to me. As my last post, I ditched my mac mini and now the roonserver is run on a different machine and the issue seems to be gone. I have another issue thou. Now after the library importation, the spinning wheel keeps spinning forever. Any idea?

There is a case already open for the spinning wheel issue: