Playback start randomly stops JPlay service

Hi guys.

Can’t express how pleased I am with Roon!
Great software.

Almost everything is now stable on my system which is:

Control PC with Roonserver and JPlay. Windows Server 2016 Core.

Audio PC with JPlay, DAC is Gustard U12 by usb, Windows Server 2016 Core.

PC’s are connected directly with CAT7 cable.

My issue is that starting playback randomly states “failed to open the audio transport device”. When I check, the JPlay-service has been stopped.

Maybe I should also post this on the JPlay-forum.

Any ideas?


This sounds like a crash in JPLAY.

Our experience with that driver’s stability has not been great. We have spent some time investigating issues in the past, and generally those investigations end at unexplained behavior–the driver crashes, or it stops requesting audio samples from us mysteriously.

We’ve asked them a few times for an explanation of what (if anything) we are doing wrong that might be contributing to these problems–what we need is a technical explanation that speaks in the terms of the interface between Roon + the JPLAY driver.

Unfortunately, we have not gotten a good answer back from them that lets us move forward. Since the crashes/hangs are happening inside JPLAY as far as we can tell, the investigation must start inside of JPLAY and work its way “up” into Roon.

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