"Playback stopped due to 'too many failures' error on laptop Roon server and NUC" (ref#7EP8U1)

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I am getting 'to many failure - stopping playback' error. it started last night. it is on my laptop Roon server, and my NUC

Hi @rogerclive.white,
Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Does this happen both with streaming content and local music? Meanwhile, try restarting your Roon server and networking gear.

Hi Daniel.
Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s the same in local files, and streaming from tidal.

Interestingly this started mid song last night. I was using my NUC, had been using it all day on and off, and midway through a track it just stopped.

I’ve rebooted my NUC, Router, and Nad658. Another interesting point is that before I got the NUC I had a Roon server on my laptop. I have fired the laptop up and run the Roon server on it, exactly the same, skips through 5 or so tracks, no sound, and the too many failures error.

Strange that it’s happening on 2 servers. Tidal is playing no probs direct through the Nad.

I have only got 6 days left of my trial (I was so impressed when I started using Roon that I got the Nuc) so a little disappointed that this has happened. Hopefully we can sort it before my trial runs out (don’t want to pay the annual fee if it’s not working)

Can you say something more about your network setup? Thanks.

Hi Geoff

So my network setup is quite simple. I have the router supplied by the broadband company (kcom), and the Nuc, and nad are connected via LAN cable.

My laptop is connected via WiFi , and then I have the Roon remote on my iPhone and laptop too.

The interesting bit is that nothing changed when it stopped working, it was literally mid song, and hasn’t worked since.

You’re sure that you are now using the Roon Server in your NUC? Since your laptop is connected via WiFi, it’s possible that a Roon Server running on that would be subject to breaks if there is WiFi congestion.

Yes, I checked that. I have powered one down while trying the other, and ensured that I’ve swapped the server on the remote app.

When this happened I had the laptop off, and had been using the Nuc for several hours prior to it stopping.

So, I have managed to get things working again😄. So I tried this morning, still getting the same message, (too many failures etc.) , on local files and streamed files from tidal when selecting the Nad. I then tried playing the audio on my Iphone, and that worked. I selected the Nad again, got the same error.

Then I remembered that the Nad has AirPlay, but shows up as a separate device in Roon. Now, the AirPlay version of the Nad was not enabled. I enabled it, but then Roon asked me to rename it, presumably as it had the same name as the non AirPlay version, which I did. I tried the AirPlay connection to the Nad, and this worked. I then tried the original version, and that’s now working too!

No idea if this is the fix, but so far it’s worked for me. Fingers crossed that it’s solved the problem.

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