Playback stopping intermittently, then sometimes "no audio device found"

Core Machine

Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5 CDR 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, i5 processor

Network Details

Spectrum Modem > TPLink AC1750 > Uptone Audio EtherRegen switch

Audio Devices

NAD M12 > ethernet connection

Description of Issue

First off kudos to everyone at Roon for your accomplishments and continued diligence, our music listening enjoyment has been absolutely wonderful since starting your service a few years ago. I can’t imagine what we’d do without it. Many thanks to all!!!

We currently have 3 main areas of concern, all of which have started with the most recent update a couple of weeks ago.

  1. Playback is stopping randomly and must be manually restarted. After doing this a few times the message “no audio device found” appears and will take many hours or a day to reconnect to NAD M12. The only way we’ve found around this is to shut down core along with every thing else and let it reboot.
    Recent times of incidence: 4/19 1 PM, 1:22 PM, 2:10 PM “no audio device”. 4/21 1:33 PM “no audio device”. 4/22 5:53 PM. 4/23 7:12 AM “no audio device”. 4/25 7:24 AM “no audio device”.

  2. Songs added to playlists no longer showing in album track list. This stopped working at start of 1.8, then was fixed after a couple of weeks, and no longer working with most recent update.

  3. App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e intermittently goes black upon reopening, app must be closed and then reopened. This has been a continuing issue before any of the updates.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Steve Salmacia

Hey @Steven_Salmacia,

Thank you so much for reaching out and letting us know about the issues you’ve ran into, but also including such encouragement for our team! A big thank you is also in order for your incredible patience. I’m so sorry for the extreme delay in getting back to you :pleading_face:

I was wondering if, since it’s been so long, are you still experiencing all of the three issues? Could you please let us know if so? Any relevant updates? :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, all three issues still in play however we’ve just switched out the preamp and are getting a new router, so let me get back to you when the dust has settled and see where we are. Many thanks!


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