Playback stopping or stuttering when browsing

When listening to music and simultaneous browsing for music, roon sometimes stutters and/or stops playback. This happens fairly consistent when roon has to retrieve data due to browsing.

I am using an iPad (Air 2), and the laptop (i7) which runs roon server is hardwired to a gigabit Cat5 line. I am doing nothing else during this, so the only network traffic is my music and the browsing/data retrieval. Internet connection is 200mbit.

RAM? Are you on SSD or mechanical drive? Are there any other processes consuming significant PC resource?

The laptop only runs roon server and my music is located on a seperate WHS server. The laptop has a mechanical drive. It is an i7 with 4GB RAM, WIN10 and nothing else running.

Trying to think how to troubleshoot?

In the upcoming 1.2 release, we’ve moved audio playback to a separate, isolated process from Roon/RoonServer, with a relatively large buffer of data between the two, so there should be a lot less influence of one on the other. This might just fix the problem on its own.

If that doesn’t help, I’d think about the hard drive itself. Spinning drives tend not to fail all at once–they start performing badly first, sometimes for a long time before failing completely. Browsing touches a lot of disparate areas the disk rapidly, and if the disk is having issues, it could certainly spill over into media playback if the media is stored on the same drive.

OK, maybe 1.2 will make a difference.

One idea I had is trying to reproduce this only with Tidal as library, to see if it is the hard drive. My assumption is that in this case the hard drive will hardly be used since all browsing goes online. Or am I making some thinking mistake?

No, that hard drive is still used quite a lot during TIDAL browsing since all of those network accesses are cached locally, just like a web browser.