Playback stops after a second


I am facing a very strange issue with my ropieee installation:

I have a clean ropieee installation on a Raspberry PI3b+. To the Raspberry I have connected a Pro-ject Pre S2 Digital. In Roon I have configured the Raspberry as endpoint.

When I start a file in Roon I can hear the audio for a second. Then there is just silence … From Roon point of view audio is still playing.

When powercycle the DAC audio is getting back. But just for a second…

What I have tested so far:

  • I have connected the Pro-ject DAC to my iMac. There it is working flawlessly.

  • I have reinstalled ropieee and did not change any parameters in the Web GUI. The issue persists.

  • I have restarted my Roon server.

  • I have tested with other Roon endpoints (e.g. USBridge) successfully.

Can anybody help?



Can you send feedback? So, when you have the issue that audio stops then wait a few seconds and then hit the ‘send feedback’ button in the webui (it’s on the advanced tab).

have you updated the DAC firmware?

Yes, firmware is up-2-date. 2.12 I guess.

Send feedback to Harry and post the resulting code here for him.

Thanks for your reply, spockfish.

Here the identifier: 760a2c5b5729ecfa

I’m somewhat confused. This looks like you hit the feedback button righ after starting up. Did you wait until the audio stopped?

Yes, I have waited absolut 30s.

I am confused as well. As already said - I did a clean install of RoPieee …

The last thing I can do is to install a different PI distribution. Maybe Dieti. Let’s see if the issue occurs there too.

So in this 30 seconds the effect did occur?

Actually it occurred after 2 seconds. I waited 28 more seconds before I pushed the feedback button.

Then I don’t have enough information. Can you do this again but then:

start your unit
leave it idling for about 30 seconds
then hit the play button
when the effect occurs send the feedback

Hi Spockfish,

please have a look to the new feedback: 9f1fc8c6f211a411

Nothing special to see in the logs.

So to be sure:

you hit play
after a few seconds no sound

What do you see then on Roon? Has it paused the stream? Can you start it again by hitting play?

Hello Spockfish,

Today had the chance to test another Raspberry Pi in my environment. I used the same SD card. With this Pi the issue did not occur. So I can only assume that the issue was caused by a hardware problem.

Many thanks for your help