Playback stops after attempting Qobuz tracks

iMac 5K MacOS 10.15.5 / 16GB RAM / Roon 1.7 build 571.

Ethernet to Verizon FIOS 97Mbps downstream, 110 Mbps upstream

Listening via iMac built in speakers or DragonFly DAC via USB to headphones

I can remedy this situation by quitting Roon and restarting it. I have also tried restarting the system.

In selecting an album, some tracks will play fine, but after choosing other tracks on the same album, the playback stops, it appears to be loading, and eventually it will report that the track is not available via Qobuz. I can switch to a local album and nothing plays either.

After experiencing this, I tried other albums. I chose albums of different resolutions, from 44.1kHz to 192 via Qobuz without issues. Tracks loaded fast and played.

I believe this issue may be tied to a particular album: Cantatas of the Bach Family, Benjamin Appl/Reinhard Goebel/Berliner Barock Solisten at 96 kHz high-res. While sometimes it plays, after selecting a track and attempting to play it, the blue bar in the timeline within Roon keeps swishing back and forth and nothing plays. Then when I try any other albums via Qobuz, it’s dead.

If I try and play back a local album, I get nothing, but then found if I left it alone, it would play after 2-3 minutes of wait time.

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Hello @John_Hendron, do you see this issue when playing to system output of your core?

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