Playback stops every format change

Roon Core Machine

Intel nuc core i5 32gb ram 512 gb ssd, running Ubuntu.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unmanaged d-link switches between core and player - cable 1gb network 1000/500

Connected Audio Devices

Linn streamer

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

On every format change, e.g. 48.2 - 44.1 khz, or 24 bit - 16 bit, the streaming stops / hangs without forwarding to next track. The linn streamer get the information metadata of next track, but music never starts.
In the beginning I thought this was MQA related, but it is not. It also happens consistently with qobuz as source.
This has been an issue before, but now has come back consitently. I have no problems playing directly via the linn app, so for me this is a Roon issue.
Things tried: inserting delay with the device settings ( long and short).
Any thoughts or help?

Hey @Henrik_Tolbol,

Thank you for getting in touch, we’d be happy to help with this. Can you please tell me if this is only happening on your Linn streamer or does it also happen on your other endpoints? What model of Linn streamer do you have?

Can you try streaming to another audio device to see if this behavior is repeated? Do you have anything connected directly to the NUC you can use to test playback? Or maybe attempt to play to one of your Remote devices?

Please let us know what you encounter with this test, we’ll be watching for your reply.

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