Playback turns into digital noise


I have a playback issue when running roon core on a ubuntu 14.04 lts 64bit hp proliant microserver gen8 g1610t. And playback via hqplayer on a arch linux pc (j3710 ITX asrock mobo and kernel 4.8.11-rt7-1-rt 64bit) to a Pink Faun I2S Bridge soundcard connected to a pink faun dac2.24.

Playback via hq player 3.14.4 on the arch linux pc seems fine but in a certain moment in time it turns into digital noise, scrambled, russtle.

Playback is fine again when skipping to a next track. But after a couple of seconds it turns into digital noise again.

It only happens with playback of high res flac files, for example 24bit 96kHz. The noise only occurs with running core on the ubuntu proliant server. Playback is fine when running core on another windows 10 64bit pc or on the arch linux pc. Playback is also fine when hq player is not used but directly accessing the sound card via roon on the arch linux pc.

The music is stored on the ubuntu server, shared via samba. Network is wired utp cat6 1gb,
collection size 36.000 tracks.

Playback settings in hqplayer is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


If you issue is Playback with HQPlayer then this should be under HQPlayer help section. Once Roon sends the stream to HQPlayer it is not involved with playback anymore. HQPlayer owns the stream all the way to the endpoint.