Playback volume on ProJect S2 Ultra + not recognition DAC attached

Roon Core Machine

I3 8 Gb RAM under W10 for ROON Server
NAS DS218j for my music

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ZTE Router F680 “as is” provided by Internet Supplier
all my staff is under this item

Wi Fi repeater Tp LinkTL-WA850
(only 1 device connected)

Connected Audio Devices

S2 Ultra + DAC Topping10s
Sq Touch
Sq Duet*

under Wi Fi
under repeater*

Number of Tracks in Library

6916 tracks until now :slight_smile:

Description of Issue

I have to be sure of what changes can I do to improve my sound under the principal setup at home, which is Project S2 Ultra+ Topping D10S

I have a lot to read and I will, to optimize as much as possible my listening pleasure. Sure I will generate more questions about what and how, but now I have to easy questions

  1. volume is not working. I mean, is fixed and, despite I can see numbers moving on scale from 0 to 100, the volume is not changing from ROON.

I can change the volume if opening the ProJect app, which seems to me unuseful. To use Roon to start music and to use ProJect to set volume? No way, man!

  1. and also I wonder if this is related to the message that recognices my DAC but I can’t assign it into ROON


I really would appreciate how to manage the volume.

About the DAC, the only problem is that “SAVE” option (if changes applied) is not working. Even you can see it in other color than grey, is not making any action.

Many thanks!

Not sure about the volume but it’s probably related to this part.

No Topping unit is actually"recognized" by Roon as they are not Roon Tested status.
So you can’t identify it via Roon.
Yes it may seem silly that it even asks to identify when we know it can’t be identified.
But they still work, I have a Topping E30 shows same way.

Hello… And you can change volume from Roon?

Have never tried as all my devices feed into an integrated amp so that controls volume and I have the Topping set to Fixed Volume.

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Oh, thank you

I have lost amplifier RC and I am quite used to changing volume from the font.

That’s why I am fighting for setting volume from the Roon apk

Look for Volume settings in the Stream Box S2.

Update: Often the support of DSD (DoP) implies bit-perfect playback (volume control disabled) also.

I seem to remember these stream box ultras having volume issues previously?
See if I can dig up any old threads

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i will test ASAP, thank you


Updates : I had troubles to get any sound, I have been able to recover sound after a couple of hard resets and plug in and out the USB DAC

After solving this, tryed to manage volume from S2

Choosing software or hardware makes no difference. No volume change from Roon app.

Choosing None there appears a message sound is blocked (so no chance to change it from Roon)

I guess won’t be possible as per DSD information offered by another user :frowning:

See if more information can be gathered.

Thankful for all the information and tips I had received until now.

Back to normal (or so…)

I have done a hard factory reset (which involves a downloaded Project file onto a pendrive formatted as MBR) and after a short configuration process from the very beginning now I can control the volume from Roon app.

2nd step is to solve why the DAC has to be unplugged and plugged again after every disconnection to get sound.

Roon is interesting but configuration is a little pain in the ass, sometimes