Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load. (any TuneIn Station)

I found similar topics but every time the issue seems to be different so here it goes.

ROCK running on NUC i7. (everything up to date)

I tried various streams from TuneIn… same error.

The stream I am mostly interested is

(I tried adding it with both https/http — same result.

if anyone can help.


Hello @Chrysanthos_Kanari , this seems to be Kanali 6, yes?

I’ve added it to the database for you.

PS the underlying issue here is that there is sometimes redirection going on which points to an https stream with a specified port number. At present, Roon can’t deal with that, although the Roon devs are aware.
In the case here, whether or not the original URL had http or https, the redirection was to an https/port no. URL. I was able to find an alternative.

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