"Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load"

I am using ROON core on a dedicated NUC. Everything works perfectly except Live Radio. I have downloaded and extracted ffmpeg and copied it into the “Codecs” folder under “Data.” It wasn’t clear to me whether I should copy the file using the entire file name and “.tar” extension or simply as “ffmpeg.” I have tried both and rebooted the core each time. No luck. I’m certain that I am missing something obvious, but I’m stumped.

With ffmpeg, you will have to unzip the file twice and end up with a bunch of files, one of which called “ffmpeg”, is all you need to copy to the Codec section. If, that was done successfully, going to the ROCK web UI will show you whether the installation of the codec was successful.

That being said, what is the Radio station you are having issues with?

I must have missed the part about having to unzip twice. Of course, after placing the correct file in the codecs folder, all is well. Thanks for helping me out!

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