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All the tracks I’m playing are showing as played tomorrow. i.e. It’s 5:50pm January 28th in Colorado but the track I just finished is showing played January 29th on my home page. I can’t find anywhere to update my location.

Looks like my ROCK is on the wrong timezone. Is there a way to change that?

It happened that I already answered that very same question in an older thread:

Sadly, that explanation is of no help to you or the other poster.

Hi @Forrestland!

Thanks for your report!
First of all, could you please check the BIOS time settings on your ROCK? - Incorrectly configured date and time zone may probably affect the data in the Recent Listening section

Which sounds like the opposite of what Danny Dulai posted in a much, much older thread:

Anyway, I would totally expect the BIOS date/time being displayed in UTC. AFAIK are OSs from Microsoft the only ones (from the list of supported OSs for Roon Server) who set the RTC (BIOS date/time) to local time. If all works as expected, the RTC will even reset to UTC if a user changes it to something else.

The only idea I can think of, where a user might be able to introduce date/time issues possibly, is if he uses a VPN for all the internet traffic of its network that relocates it to a different location in a different timzone than it actually is in. Possibly, I’m not sure about that and can’t remember of any case so far in this forum where this was reported.

@andrew.v How do I check the time zone in BIOS? I was making the assumption about TZ based on other threads I had seen.


Hello @Forrestland!
We are able to reproduce a similar issue and are gathering additional information.


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