Played from here and leave played song in queue

Hi, extremely pleased with HQPlayer integration and have been doing a lot of listening over the holiday break. For “improved” usability, would you consider 2 new features?

  1. In the queue, after a song is played, leave the song in the queue. This is very useful if one wants to go back and re-listen to that song

  2. Please make “Play from Here” the default or user selectable default action

Thank you! Hammer.

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This is matter of much debate on here, try a few forum searches to pick the discussions.
Although it is not displayed it is possible to use ‘play previous track’ to skip back to those tracks that on no longer display in the queue.

This is another one that’s been discussed a length, in fact the ‘play from here button’ is quite a recent addition, based on user feedback. Before that it was not possible at all, without selecting all the subsequent tracks as well.

I don’t know how the UI will evolve over time but be certain that then Roon developers do read and review all feature requests.