Player for children

Hi, I´m looking for a small speaker that is Roon supported to play the tidal audiobooks for our little ones. Can you recommend something easy to use and robust but with a good quality so that it can be used for that purpose? Rigt now they are always using my mobile but that´s not a good solution.

Any Airplay speaker would seem to fit the bill.
Audio Pro do a good range.

Thanks. You mean the A10? Do you know whether these are roon ready? I couldn´t find a comment on that.

No, you won’t find any ‘Roon-ready’ speakers like that, but the speakers you’re talking about will either be Airplay, or Chromecast from Roon, but not Roon-ready/RAAT.

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What about the Sonos? THey are something similar to the A10?

You can do it with an A10. It’s a little bit involved, see here. Your other options are from Bluesound, see there.

Money | Time : pick one.

I think i´m missing basic knowledge. I don´t understand what they are talking about in the A10 thread. Is it really so hard to find a speaker that is usable by roon and an android device. The big advandtage of the roon support is that I don´t have to block my smartphone during use.
What about Sonos? The sonos speakers are supported by roon? and they would also work with android?

If you’re not sure what we were talking about in the Addon thread, and absolutely want RAAT (so Roon’s own protocol, which gives you high definition and multi-room sync) and not worry about it, get a BlueSound speaker and be done.

If you would like to understand what you don’t understand in the Addon thread, ask away.

If you are OK with CD quality, then any speaker that works over WiFi should work. So Airplay or Sonos or whatever, pick your poison according to budget.

Sonos works quite well with Roon. A Play 1 should do the trick.

Thanks. I think I will go for the sonos since a bluesound is to expensive for the little ones. And I read some bad reviews, seems that people have issues with distortion and dead on arrival devices.
Or maybe the audio pro. A10 c3. Should also work via roon like the sonos. Right?

The AudioPro will work out of the box over Airplay (so nothing higher than 16/48 if I’m not mistaken). Finish is good given the price, and they play loud (and rather bassy). Depending on how old your kids are, do keep in mind there is no grille in front of the woofer…

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Thanks. What would you choose the a10 or the sonos one? Unfortunately both don’t have a battery

It is discontinued, but, if you can find one, I think this would work Insignia Google Enabled Portable Speaker. Model NS-CSPGASP2

It has a battery, It has Google Home enabled, it is a Chromecast endpoint that Roon will use just fine. It sounds pretty good. And was cheap when I got mine. I just checked and there are several on ebay. Make sure you are looking at the Portable one which has batteries, the other version (usually cheaper) is plug in only.

It is not really “small” though, but, you can look at the dimensions and decide.

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Thank you all so much for your help. I decided to go for the sonos one yesterday.