Playing 2 different DSD upsampled rates to 2 different DACs seems to be overriding at the upper sample rate for both DACs

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I have a DSD256 (Vinshine) and DSD512 (OPPO Sonica) DAC both connected to USB ports on the same RPi - both work fine individually, but when grouped seems to be forced to get a DSD256 over DoP signal and the Vinshine is green dot and won’t play as its DoP is only good for 128, but the Oppo Plays fine at DoP256

I don’t think this an issue in Win10Pro core where the 2 DACs usually coexist happily together grouped and play at their own rates respectively.

Will drop some more testing info on both platforms.

Currently using a Ropieee build where this is happening…will try a DietPi one when I get back in a while

As soon as I ungroup the playback then all is fine, for both Ropieee and DietPi but of grouped the DSD128 setting is overridden by DSD256 for the DSD128 limited (in settings and Native 256 turned off) Vinshine…going back to the DAC’s on ASIO on the Win10Pro Core to see what happens there.

Update…Ok so if I have the Oppo at DSD512 and the Vinshine at 256 then all is fine even on the Win10Pro B223 core.

BUT if I group them the DSD256 gets overridden on the Vinshine to 512 and it won’t play

Seems there is some issue with grouping of 2 DSD up sampled DAC’s if they have different sample rates the higher one is assumed for both.

@support let me know where you want me to upload any logs to. I don’t have dropbox

@eric So based on this I am going to get the USB firmware updated before I go down the road of the sky is falling…I only have 2 DSD capable DACs at this time…so its not a show stopper - and the main target of this setup was to AB the different DACs with the same media playing and maximising the upsampling within roon.

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My understanding is Vineshine is strictly a PCM R2R DAC, does it do DSD natively in the hardware domain?