Playing a playlist without staring at the beginning

Hello. I suspect I’m doing something wrong. Could someone help…
If I select a playlist in Roon (say, from Tidal) but I don’t want to play from the start, when I select a song in the list then Roon plays the song I selected and then starts a radio from that song rather than continuing the playlist.
How do I play from the song I selected ie ‘play from here’?
I’m currently using the iOS app but I think the same thing happens on the Mac desktop app…
All suggestions gratefully received about what I’m doing wrong!
Thanks! Edward

I link a post below where you can see where to configure “play actions”:

Note: As you can see from the thread title of the link, it currently doesn’t work from phones (play action not available).

You will see this in that thread (as a work around for now):
"if you add the playlist to the queue (I just clicked “play now”) and then tap a track, the option to “play from here” is there (on my android note 8):

Ok so I take it from the posts (thanks BlackJack and BearFNF) that it’s a software issue which hopefully will be corrected sometime soon! I’ll stop worrying then (unless it doesn’t get resolved and then I’ll just get grumpy!) For what it’s worth, I do have the correct options selected in settings to include ‘play from here’ in playlists etc. I was wrong to say that it’s happening on my Mac… but it is happening on my iPhone.

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Thanks for the thread. Same problem here on Android but you got me to play with the settings and now it works. I turned off Add next from here, Queue from here, Play now, and Add next in the Tracks in Playlist and mixes section and now when I tap, I get the Play from here option. Haven’t tested which of those changes are required, but good to have this key functionality back!

Odd. Now I go back and switch all options on and a touch gives me all options (as it should have before.) A bit buggy but At least now it works!