Playing a record (I.e., no sound when pressing Play, then "too many failures")

Roon Core Machine MacMini M2

Sonore Signature Rendue SE. Holo Audio Spring 2 KTE.

I find the record I’d like to hear and press play. No sound, but at the bottom left of my iPad screen the individual titles of the record are listed. Until say the 6th or 7th track, when everything stops saying “Too many failures. Roon stopped playing.” It never even began. I the visit the queue department where I find the titles all dressed up and nowhere to go.
Now, I feel just the same.
What to do?

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I added something to your topic title or else people will think you are trying to play a vinyl record :slight_smile:

“Too many failures” usually indicates a network problem. It would help if you filled out the answers to the other questions in your opening post